Hows everyone doing?

2014-12-08 14:19:46 by 5439cct

Hey everyone hows it going?  It has been way to long since I came around, but while I was gone I have been productive. I have been coloring, making an online comic, making stores/tshirts. I will leave links below for you to check out some of my going ons. How are you guys? what have you been up to?


Starving artist gizmo (online comic):

:::I am posting the 2 sites because they are both throwing around deal this month:::

Rebubble(shirts and stuff):

Tpublic (Tshirts/hoodies) :

back of the comic shop store(prints and artowrks by me):

where did you go?

2013-03-06 21:30:46 by 5439cct

Hey everyone i know is been forever and a day since i showed up but i been coloring my heart out. I am currently working on 3 books and they are coming out very awesome! the titles are "scrap" "the edge" "swaggernauts" i also do work for "hero central jr" plus now i going to con so thumbs up on that. Over the next few days though i going to be posting some things to show off to you guys so i hope you enjoy1!!

Its been way to long...

2012-04-01 19:18:18 by 5439cct

Its been to long since i posted anything. I trying to keep this site just my finished work and not the coloring work i do. (which i do alot of coloring work) you can find my coloring work here along with alot of sketching .

I am trying to finish some more art so there should be some more art soon.

for now enjoy

Welcome everyone to another journal.

Well I've been working my butt off to knock of my commissions and catch up from being in jersey. I am settled enough to take on some commissions this month.


Pencil work

All Prices will Depend on what character and how complex the image is. Because a waist up shot of a guy/girl/creature will be different from a full body guy/girl/creature and will be different from a group shot snd/or alot in the back ground.

Pencil work $15-25
Ink $20-30
colors $25-35

Now if you have some work already penciled/inked and you want it colored it will be different than the prices above. Now again price will vary depending what you image looks like.

Color $15-40

I can also pencil comic pages if you like. Depending on the details of the page you want, it will effect the price.


Pages $25-50

* all word is digitally done except for the pencil work is done on paper. If you want the original image please let me know before hand so i can do it on a better grade paper. Also let me know where you live so i can find the cheapest way to send you the work, as the shipping cost will be added.

Lastly if you have any questions, concerns or even just want a quote on your idea drop me a line here on the site or email me at with the title "COMMISSON IDEA"


So i have been play and also beat the video game WET. I really enjoyed playing this game and i plan on doing and image with her. Anyway in the game you can unlock concept art, like most games now, and there was some great art in there. well cruising though the net, looking for reference images, so i can draw her, i found the artist that did the concept work.
The artist name is martin Deschambault and he has done the concept work for wet, Assassins creed 2, prince of Persia, Star wars and alot of his own works. He has some amazing work. check it out

well while we are on video games, i am looking forward to "NO MORE HEROES 2" comes out next week :D i loved playing the 1st game it was weird and different and before wii went all party games. so i might have to go though my couch, room, my pockets, other peoples pockets lol for some money to get this. lol

Anyway more news next journal. For now enjoy......

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